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Our Assets

Our low poly models are bright and colourful.

The aim with these assets was to create items that had a distinctive styles that could stand out and 'pop' with colour.

we are adding new models and new packs, if you have any feedback please get in touch.

Low Poly Fantasy swords

Our low poly swords are distinctive and colourful.

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GFS Swords.png

Low Poly Fantasy Axes

Our Low poly axes are made with our fun 'cartoony' colours that pop with brightness. The model style fits well with our other low poly weapons.

Purchase Low Poly Axe Pack


Low Poly Fantasy Village items

Low poly fantasy village item such as potions, gems, food.


Our design philosophy

When setting out to make these assets, one of our primary goals was that all our weapon assets with low triangle count and all sharing a texture - making them efficient and easy to use for prototyping your next game ideas.


Versatile assets

We also wanted assets that looked good when resized and could be used for multiple purposes.

in this example we have used the same sword asset resized to be a pair of daggers, a one handed sword and a two handed sword.

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